In all of his educational endeavors Matt draws upon his personal experience as an active live and recording musician and his 30+ years in music instruction. He has personally taught students from beginner through advanced levels, ranging from five to 75 years of age. Matt's student guitar ensembles have been the recipients of educational grants and awards and have performed in locally-based events and festivals. His guitar-focused workshops are featured both in conjunction with his performances and as standalone events. Matt's collaborative workshops with drummer Kenwood Dennard have been presented at Berklee College.

Matt is currently providing online, one-on-one instruction for players of all levels of experience. Contact Matt for further information and to discuss the arrangement best suited for you.

Please reach out to discuss a possibility.


For 2022 Matt will once again be conducting live workshop programs.

Matt has featured these programs previously:

Improvisation – Taking the Solo 
Matt takes on the concept of improvising and creating a spontaneous solo within a musical context. He 
relates the often-daunting consideration of making an unique musical statement to engaging in a friendly 
conversation and explains that music, like spoken language, is a means of communicating. He points out 
that the technical aspects of chords, scales, rhythm and harmony relate to words, phrases and grammar 
and can be similarly utilized when 'conversing' in music. 
Matt shares his own approach to the skills and understanding that can help develop an aspect of 'fluency' 
in expressing oneself through music. In addition to the technical considerations that contribute to 'musical 
fluency', he discusses different ways of perceiving and approaching improvisation and how they can 
ultimately interconnect. 
The material relates to most genres of music and all references are guitar-based. While it is suggested that 
players be of at least intermediate level in terms of playing skill, 'advanced beginners' can benefit. 

Arranging for Solo Guitar 
Matt is well-regarded for his signature solo renditions of both contemporary and 'standard' music as well 
as his own original compositions. His highly-developed approach to arrangement and harmony enables 
him to create a very musical signature sound that is uniquely his own. 
Matt explores every aspect of his process, from harmonizing and arranging to voicing chords and 
creating cadences that open up new possibilities. He includes some concepts in music theory and shares 
playing techniques that allow him to bring out unique qualities in his arrangements. 
The material relates primarily to solo guitar performance and incorporates fingerstyle technique, though 
it is not limited in application to fingerstyle players. It is suggested that players be of intermediate to 
advanced level in terms of playing skill. Basic knowledge of music theory is helpful but is not mandatory.