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Matt is currently available as a solo artist and with several musical projects.

For Solo Acoustic performances:

For the Power Trio Project

For the Matt Richards & Jay Katz

For the String Theory Jazz Guitar

 Matt draws upon a first-rate roster of world-class musicians for his performances and tours.  He may be featured with high-caliber, locally-based musicians in certain settings. Please contact us directly for details.

 Matt is also available as a sideman for live performances and tours, and as a session player  for studio recordings.  Matt can work in-person for your studio session or record his parts professionally in his own studio. Please contact us for further information:


Matt's Solo Guitar EPK

The Power Trio Project EPK

Matt Richards & Jay Katz Duo EPK

String Theory Guitar Trio EPK


Additional information is always available upon your request.

We look forward to working with you!

Thank you very much! 

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